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Tenney Park - Athletic Field

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Athletic Fields & Public Spaces
Approval to use a Town of Hanover Public Space will not be granted unless the Public Space Use Policy has been read and the policies and procedures outlined are agreed upon. The supervisor must be at least 21 years of age, be knowledgeable of and agree to the Rules, and be present at all times during the activity proposed. The supervisor also assumes responsibility to pay any rental fees, in accordance with departmental policies and procedures, before the commencement of the activity, as well as any costs for damages incurred during the event. In consideration for being permitted to use the facilities the supervisor exempts and releases the Town of Hanover from and against all liability, claims, and demands, on account of injury, loss or damage which may occur as a result of such use. The renter may be asked to provide proof of insurance dependent on purpose of use. Although all efforts will be made to avoid schedule changes once this application is approved, any event may be moved up to two weeks prior to scheduled date, to accommodate a Town sponsored function. The signature below indicates agreement.

Fee Schedule
Rental Fees for Athletic Fields
$45 hour per field for Youth Teams
$75 hour per field for Adult Team