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  • Town of Hanover COVID-19 Updates: HERE
    Q. When will the RWB Community Center reopen?
          A. There will be no public access to the RWB for the duration of the school closure.
    Q. Are HPR staff available to answer questions and help with online registrations?
          A. All HPR staff are working and available to help you over the phone and through email.

    Q. When will reservations be accepted again?
          A. Reservations are still accepted online for dates after April 20th.
    Q. Are all programs and events cancelled?
         A. All HPR programs and events are cancelled for the duration of the school closure.
    Q. Will refunds be issued?
          A. We will issue refunds for all programs and rentals while we are closed.
    Q. Will Spring Sports be cancelled?
          A. Spring sports will resume once school is back in session.
           A. Depending on when that may be, we may have a shortened or instructional program for the season.

RWB Community Center is Closed

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