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News: Adult Social Activities

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7/28/2016 12:00:00 AM  John Sherman 

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Adult Newsletter January & February 2020

The New Year stands before us like a fresh chapter in a book. It’s up to you to decide what you’ll write for the next chapter in your life. Take the first step by setting a few resolutions.

* Learn something new each day in order to have a better understanding of the world and how it works.
* Play more. Play is an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults.
* Pick up a hobby.Hobbies can lower your stress levels, boost your brain power, and improve your ability to focus.
* Be more grateful.You can be happier simply by taking the time to count your blessings and think of all the good things in your life.
* Stop procrastinating. It will help you ensure that you won’t be sitting there at the end of next year wondering why you never got around to working on your goals.
* Move more.  Living a sedentary life makes it more likely you’ll gain weight and puts you at a greater risk of depression.
* Become more confident. Confident people are happier, more relaxed, more likely to take chances, and more likely to succeed.

Increase your happiness and well-being by becoming the best version of yourself!
As always, we look forward to seeing you at the RWB Community Center!
Please contact Judy Stevens via email at or by calling 643-5315.

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